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Great quality, perfect taste, excellent source of substances very important for the human body.......and of course they will make your bread extreamly delicious. The product we supply is fit for human consumption which is proved by quality certificates from independent accredited laboratories. Our seeds are GMO free and with bulgarian origin.


Product Specification

  • Grade - Bakery

  • Purity - min. 99,9 %

  • Moisture - max. 8 %

  • Broken kernels - max. 8 %

  • Certification - HACCP, ISO



  • Big Bags ~ 1000 kg.

  • Paper Bags - 25 kg.

  • Paper Bags - 22,68 kg.


   On palletes covered in stretch folio.

  • ​On truckloads

  • On containers

Please contact us if you need more information and detailed product specification, as well as up to date offers.

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