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Sunflower seeds are the best choice to offer for attracting the widest variety of birds.

The quality of our products is proved by quality certificates from independent accredited laboratories. Our products are suitable for different bird food mixtures or as a single bird food seed. All products we supply are GMO free and with bulgarian origin.


Product Specification


  • Type - Striped Sunflower Seeds

  • Color - Black and white striped

  • Grade - First Grade

  • Moisture - max 10 %

  • Purity - 98 %

  • Admixtures - max 2 %

  • Use - Bird Food

  • Big Bags ~ 1000 kg.

  • Paper Bags - from 5 to 25 kg.

  • Polypropylene bags - from 5 to 25 kg.


  • In bulk by barges

  • By contaiiners

  • By truckloads

Please contact us if you need more information and detailed product specification.

We can offer packaging with customer's trade mark  on it, if requested. Please contact us for more information.

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