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We are company with a small team of professionals, who cover the ability to interact and communicate effectively with the whole number of our customers. All of our team members sustain a high level of competence and professionalism in a dynamic business environment. They are able to identify, interpret and analyze the correct information and independently provide detailed directions to solve any problem occurred.

Mr. Nurses Laz

Company Owner

Strict but fair, perfectionist in every aspect of his work. Patience is not one of his main qualities, but he is very precise, real workaholic, radiant and infecting with his laughter.
But the most important thing is that he puts all his heart in everything that he does.

Mrs. Stoyanka Krasteva

General Accountant

Organized, accurate, precise, person of order, always ready to smile, even when she’s up to some serious accounting operations. 

She brings up several wonderful grandchildren and they inspire her smile and good mood.

I'm another title

Mrs. Birdjan Ismail

Expert Sales Manager

Honest, friendly and neat. Expert in lots of things but always curious for more.
She loves to develop her strategic skills, always reaches her goals and is serious in everything she does.

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