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Special competence and skills of several generations

History & Future

1921                   "Ïmperial" was founded as a family owned company dealing with                                         milling, bakery and hotel services.



1944                   The company was nationalized by the communist regime.



1994                   “Imperial” was restored by the grandson of the founder Mr. Nurses Laz                               as “Imperial 21”.



1997                   Start of the production and trade of striped sunflower seeds used for                                 bird food.



2006                   Expanding our market positions including a new product –                                                sunflower kernels bakery quality



2010                   A daughter company “Imperial 22” Sltd. was established by the next                                   generation with the idea of co-operation and modern marketing                                       development, using the rich experience of the tradition.



2012                   “Imperial 21” has been awarded by the Business Leaders Club with the                               40th Golden International Trophy for Quality (New Millennium Award)                               as a recognition for its excellent business skills and competence.



2013                   Because of the great demand of striped sunflower used for bird food, the                           company decided to expand production by buying a warehouse base                               with a total area of around 17000 sq.m.



2014                   The production facility, with an area of 1200 sq.m., is equipped with                                   brand new machines with a capacity of 2000 kg/h.



Future plans       Production of bird food seed mixes with different components                                           available in Bulgaria - oil sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds,                                     sunflower kernels, red, white and yellow millet, canary seed, corn, weath,                           peanuts, etc.

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